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For escaping and adventuring, fly to a place where joy, tranquility and pleasure exist with this luxurious self care box. Taking the islands with you wherever you are Byrd's Nest "Summer Essentials" Box is curated by Farmer Falani to indulge the sensory experiences of self-love with products handcrafted by herself or other black women businesses.


Celebrate yourself or loved ones to pause, take a breath to give your body, mind and spirit the attention it deserves this summer. First, cue up the vibey playlist that has been mixed to accompany the experience. Brew Byrd's Nest Box tea and drink down the exotic sensation iced or hot. Ignite your inner chef and prepare a nice, light summer meal with one of our blends from the Brazilian seasoning collection. Or pamper your nails with a non toxic nail polish by Sainte Nèl. Massage your body with a high frequency oil from Purple Moon Apothecary.  Whatever your preference, it's certain that you'll feel vibrant and fuzzy after unboxing these delights.


All goods are hand-packed in an elegant green gift box (10") with branded with our Byrd's Nest Box logo and motto.


Gift Box Goods


Samina Rose Face Wash: An exfoliating, mineral packed face wash hand crafted with Ghanian raw black soap, rosewater, rose essential oil, papaya seed oil, passionfruit seed oil, vitamin e, vegetable glycerin and citric acid. 8 oz)


Sun-kissed Face Oil: Packed with antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins, this face oil nourishes the skin, leaving your features glowing. Made with natural and organic ingredients such as papaya, passionfruit, carrot and raspberries seed oils (2 oz) Papaya Seed Oil contains fatty acids, that work as anti-inflammatory properties, helping reduce redness and irritation on the complexion. this oil helps to discourage acne and breakouts.                                       


Directions: Using gentle circular motions, simply massage 3-4 drops of the tropical oil onto  face and neck on dry face after washing with Samina Rose Face Wash. 


Purple Moon Apothecary Body Oil: High Frequency, take your time when massaging this sensual oil in. You’ll dive into some deep self care for sure, it’s beautiful for date night, self/soul care, or as a regular moisturizer. Sourced from Purple Moon Apothecary, a holistic skincare and wellness space, offering natural products and services (2 oz) 


Sainte Nèl Plant Based Nail Polish: A tranquil and light mint green, plant based nail polish. Provides flawless coverage, exceptional durability and created to look beautiful on all skin tones. Sourced from Sainte Nèl, a non-toxic nail care and wellness company.


Botanical Garden Hand Salve:  Treat your hands to a smooth, hydrating balm made with calendula oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and beeswax. It melts into the skin smoothly, with a fresh lemony scent while balancing your most precious tools (1 oz)


Brazilian Gourmet Seasoning Blend: Choose between 5 different flavors of seasonings imported from Bahia, Brazil. Garden Veggie Blend, Bahia Lemon Pepper with Herbs, Chef's Blend, Chimichurri & Paprika and Byrd's Nest Box "Special Blend" (4 oz)


Fruit & Herbal Tea: A special crafted tea blend bursting with antioxidants from elderberries, strawberries, rasberries, hibiscus and papaya. 

1 oz loose leaf, with 3 eco friendly tea bags)


Playlist: Vibe, chill, dance and groove to a playlist mixed with Farmer Falani's favorite tunes of the summer on apple music "Byrd's Nest Summer"

 *Spotify coming soon


*Surprise Gift



Summer Essentials Box

  • No returns on products unless materials arrived damaged. 

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